Every country has regulatory requirements for electrical products that are used in their markets. This naturally applies to Japan as well, and there are two questions that are often raised by British technology companies who are interested in bringing their business to Japan, including the PSE Mark and license free wireless communication.

There is much information available on websites, but it can be difficult to understand what you should do and what steps to take.

This webinar will address these issues and help you understand the processes that you should undergo, as well as the scope of the related regulations.

We will have two speakers from JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) which is a Japanese government-related organisation promoting trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world.

Its Business Services Department in Tokyo deals with a wide scope of business issues relating to export from Japan and to promote investment to Japan, and has extensive experience and knowledge of the issues that will be discussed in this webinar.

If you wish to join the webinar, please register at www.exporttojapan.co.uk