The John Lewis JLAB Technology Start-up Incubator

The John Lewis JLAB Technology Start-up Incubator initiative aims to recognise new ideas that support multi-channel commerce across in-store, mobile and online devices. It is also seeking to support new technologies which simplify customer retail experiences using the internet of things and data for in-store personalisation.

The 15-week incubator programme will run between June 2014 and September 2014 and will be open to five businesses.

JLAB Categories of innovation that the provider is interested in:

Knowing Each Other
Products and solutions that gather and interpret information to enhance John Lewis’ knowledge of its customers and vice versa.

Helping Customers Shop
Products and solutions that improve one or more aspects of the retail experience, eg finding the right products, purchasing the right products or returning products.

Simplifying Customers Lives
Solutions that use intelligent communication between products (aka The Internet of Things) to reduce the amount of time/energy that customers spend using and maintaining their products.

Surprise Us
Any innovative product or solution that delights customers by enhancing their shopping experience and which is not covered in the other categories.
There is not a separate prize for each category. All entrants are competing against each other. Prizes will go to overall winners.

The following is available to the five participants:

*£12,500 investment for 4% of the business.
*Mentorship from top entrepreneurs
*Access to John Lewis proprietary technology (Platforms, APIs etc).
*Guest talks and workshops hosted by inspirational and experienced people.
*Mentorship from John Lewis insiders to help build the right product.
*Dedicated office space at JLAB’s London hub: Level 39 Canary Wharf.
*The winner of JLAB will receive up to £100,000 investment and a chance to supply John Lewis.

The deadline for receipt of applications is 17 April 2014

For further information go to the website