New Name for Technology Strategy Board

Innovate UK, the new name for the Technology Strategy Board was announced on 3rd September on their website

See statement below 4th September 2014

We’re changing our brand, amplifying our communications and simplifying what we do We committed in our 2014-15 Delivery Plan to: review our brand simplify the journey of discovery and participation for businesses improve our business processes.

We’re doing this to be fast, flexible and focused on customer needs as well as make it easier and simpler for businesses to understand who we are, what we do and why we do it.

We are taking three approaches in parallel:
*Updating our name and our brand strategy (what we stand for, our logo and colour scheme)
*Developing our ‘story’ so we can communicate why we do what we do
changing and improving our business processes
*There is no plan for a formal launch on a specific date; instead we are making a gradual transition.

As we were incorporated by Royal Charter, our legal name will continue to be the Technology Strategy Board.

We will start to move to Innovate UK from August 2014.
This will begin with our email addresses – e.g. to from – and will be followed by our website building signage and business cards over the coming months.

We will be continuing to use Technology Strategy Board in contracts and other legal aspects of our operations. As a business customer, stakeholder or just as a supporter or friend, you need take no further action other than to spread the word about our new name and visit the website for updates.