Microelectronics iNet Assistance to SMEs

As you may know, the Microelectronics iNet project supports small and
medium-sized innovative companies across the South West through
direct funding, practical support, advice, local and sector network
development and highly targeted events. Led by the University of West
of England, Microelectronics iNet is a £4.2 million European Regional
Development Fund project running until June 2015. We have assisted
over 200 companies to date and we expect to help 100 more.

Do you have a small/medium business related to Microelectronics in
the South West of England? Our broker Riley Sims is looking forward
to meeting you!

If you have already received assistance from us, please spread the word
to any other company you feel may benefit from our help. Riley Sims
and the team will provide them targeted support through:
• Prototyping assistance
• Patent advice
• Business consultancy
• Funding assistance
• Marketing consultancy
• Technology assessment
• Assistance in finding HEI partners
• Market research.