Made in Britain: Why British manufacturing adds value

Opinion of Andrew Cater from Real Business

The Made in Britain label is now sought after the world over. British manufacturer and designer Andrew Cater argues why local manufacturing is now the way to go.

In 2011 there was one event that changed the way the world began to think about our island nation and what we have to offer.

On 29 April, Royal Wedding fever gripped the world with an estimated global audience of over two billion people, and retailers and manufacturers wasted no time in rushing to produce memorabilia and souvenirs. This lead to a bonanza of sales we’ve not seen since the wedding of the Prince of Wales and Diana.

But it wasn’t just commemorative wear that captivated the hearts of overseas buyers.

The sudden demand for all things Made in Britain has created no less than a boom in British manufacturing, which has conspired to drive UK clothing brands to produce locally, or bring outsourced manufacturing back to the UK.

And now, three years later, businesses in the UK are both realizing and profiting from the advantages of manufacturing in the UK and Made in Britain is back in vogue.

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