Employer ownership: improving engineering careers

This offer is open to any small or medium sized company which directly employs people in engineering occupations.

Its aim is to help companies grow and become more productive through investing in the skills of its current and future engineers.

The Government will contribute 50% of eligible costs to firms who have projects to provide extra training to employees to support:

• Career Progression – enabling those currently in engineering occupations to
move forward in their careers

• Conversion training allowing people to transfer from other occupations into
engineering to fill skills gaps and to increase your stock of engineers

The type of training to achieve this depends on what best meets your needs. But the training must lead to skills that are portable and can be used in other companies and occupations (transferable skills), these could include CAD, welding, electronics etc;

For more information please visit Employer ownership: improving engineering careers

Please contact EIN-SW with Wiltshire College if you require support for your bid