Employer Ownership: Developing Women Engineers (Second Call) - Imminent Deadline Reminder

This is the second of three planned funding Calls to develop and increase the number of engineers in the UK.

This Call is specifically designed to benefit those employers who are willing to help more women to progress as engineers and the focus is on supporting:

*Conversion training, to encourage employers to bring more women into engineering; and progression training, to encourage employers to invest in the progression of women through an engineering career.

*Companies that employ people in engineering occupations and who wish to apply for funding under the Employer Ownership project are eligible. The intention is to improve the gender imbalance in engineering.

The Call will support companies to offer training that will bring women into the engineering profession – either early in their career or later if they are returning to the profession after a career break – and to increase the potential of women to advance in an engineering career.

Developing Women Engineers funding should be used for;

*Career Progression – enabling women currently in engineering occupations to move forward in their careers.

*Conversion training allowing women to transfer from other occupations into engineering to fill skills gaps and to increase the talent pipeline.

*Returner training enabling women to return to engineering after a career break or a period of employment outside the engineering profession.

*The scheme is open to any small to medium-sized company in the UK that directly employs people in engineering occupations, where company growth and development is being held up by skills gaps or skills shortages in engineering.

Please visit the website for further details

Source: gov.uk, 11/11/2014