EIN-SW - Investing in your Future

In 2007, the South West of England was awarded €124.7 million (just over £104m) from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to invest in activities which would strengthen the economy by supporting the productivity of the region’s
ambitious businesses and encouraging enterprise. With match funding, the total committed by the Programme is £222m.

Promoting innovation and research and development

Supporting high value businesses to grow

Encouraging enterprise in the South West’s more deprived urban neighbourhoods

Invested in 100 projects across the South West

Worked with small and medium businesses right across the region

Over 11,000 businesses have been supported (receiving a minimum of 12 hours’ or £1000 assistance)

Over 5,200 jobs have been created or safeguarded

Nearly 5,000 individuals have been supported to explore starting up their own business

Take a look at their latest case history booklet

This booklet describes a cross-section of investments and explores how they have helped individuals and businesses.