Get Connected - Using Social Networking for your Business Safely

This will be delivered at the Wiltshire College Devizes – Enterprise Centre

Who is the course for?
Members of EIN-SW

Being on the networks is a crucial skill these days. If you are looking to market your business you have to be out on the web showing what you you are doing.

Social networking isn’t just about having fun and sharing stories of wild nights out, its also about work and professional networks. If you have got some starting IT skills these workshops may well help you develop your business.

What does the workshop aim to do?
We will show you some of the creative spaces and networks that may help you.
We will try to get you started using a effective email address, building your web presence.

What will be covered?
We will help you get started safely on

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Facebook

We will show you how to bring your favourite or useful websites together as a basis of a network.
We will show you how to get started with blogging.
You wont do that all in one session, but we’ll get you started and add more in as you get more confident.