Formulating the R&D Strategy – Delivering Innovation

The ESKTN support the ADBA 6th Forum

Time: * 09:00 to 16:00*

Venue: The Watershed Bristol

This autumn’s research and development forum has a definitive purpose: to finalise a short, medium and long term R&D strategy to support the growth of the AD industry and help it realise its full potential. The AD industry has been held back to date partly by lack of R&D in certain key areas so the aim of this event is to bring together the industry and academia to help rectify that for the future.

The morning session ‘Driving Innovation’ will include updates from Nina Sweet (WRAP) on ‘what we have already done and what happens next,’ and presentations on ‘Driving down the cost of AD’ from Teresa Hogsbjerg (WRAP) and ‘Optimising AD Projects,’ from David Tozer (WRAP) accompanied by a panel of the successful projects taken to the next stage in WRAP’s Driving Innovation in AD Programme and examples of successful commercialisation of academic research projects.

In the afternoon session -* ‘Formulating the Strategy’ *– a draft AD R&D strategy (currently being prepared by ADBA) will be presented for discussion by delegates, which will take place in facilitated workshops designed to bring out and prioritise an R&D strategic wish list, with a view to ending the day with a final draft strategy which will be a key part of the process for meeting the industry’s research needs.

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