C12 Composites ~ Wheels and Wind!

Steve Thomas (Director of C12 Composites) moved to Wiltshire from London in 1987 to work with Dymag Wheels on the building of the Aston Martin Group C1 sports production car, making the wind tunnel models and the plug work for the car.

Steve started work in 1990 to develop a full carbon motorbike wheel, the world’s first commercially available , using quicker production methods whilst requiring less finishing.

After 18 months of work following the production of the prototype composite wheel, a production facility was established by Dymag to produce the wheels and other composite products.

Steve formed C12 Composites in 1998 to develop the car wheel and other composite products with Dymag Racing.

C12 Composites portfolio includes working with Linstrand Balloons, Aeromechanics, BAE and Bristol Cars.

In addition to the development of composite products Steve also works as a composites consultant on various programmes at Wiltshire College, UWE Bristol, City of Bristol College and Bath University.

Steve designed and built C12, a state-of-the-art composite gravity race car which has won comprehensive victories all over the country, including the fastest course in the UK, the Cairngorm Extreme Soapbox Challenge, in 2010, 2011 and 2012. In 2011 he set the UK speed record there, achieving 70 mph.

C12 Composites have been involved with the EIN-SW project since May 2012 and produced the EIN-SW Marketing plane which was chosen as our unique marketing exhibition stand in and was designed to match the ‘paper planes’ which members made to ‘launch’ the EIN-SW project on 4th July at Wiltshire College Lackham
EIN-SW assisted C12 Composites with an organisational needs visit, access to development equipment, attending various workshops and marketing opportunities at both the launch events.

Through the EIN-SW network Steve is currently in consultation with various projects with a view to producing composite wheels for a new environmentally friendly form of transport.

Quote from Steve re the project…It’s a network that puts companies in touch with each other, opening your eyes to what’s around and opportunities you might otherwise have been unaware of.…………………………………………….