Medical Models

Project assistance outcomes for Medical Models

The grant support from EIN-SW has been and will be extremely useful for the company.

By understanding the key road blocks facing the company as new products are being developed and launched into existing and new markets the EIN-SW project quickly understood the core strengths and weaknesses facing the company.

The resulting support developed a purpose built strategic development template that took into account all the key issues facing new product development and built those stages into a unique staircase of activities and milestones. Most importantly it allows for multiple projects to be bundled into programs to see the cumulative effects both for resource and financial planning.

The first successful outcome from using the planning tool will come to market in September 2013 and has allowed us to refocus some existing IP into a new market place.

Having a new product into a new market is regarded as “diversification” using the Ansoff Matrix, but we feel that significant progress has been made in analysing and capturing potential outcomes and apply risk management techniques to the process, thus reducing potential exposure to losses.

Finally the forecast BENEFITS of a project are not always as expected and with this additional layer of strategic planning we are more able than ever to maximise the outcomes from each project.

If you would like more information on the work we have completed please feel free to contact me by email:

Oliver Browne -Wilkenson Medical Models