Inergy Systems Ltd

Inergy Systems Ltd at EIN-SW Launch on 4th July 2012

Inergy Systems Ltd aims to manufacture a range of new products to address specific areas of security both for the UK and global markets. These products will emerge as unique competitively priced devices both for OEM and retro-fit. They will be manufactured as Inergy Security Products (ISP)

Growth in the global solar PV market (particularly large solar PV field sites) has given rise to an emerging awareness of the need for effective solar panel and general installation security. Insurance claims have already been submitted for solar panel thefts from domestic properties and corporate field installations. The panel security industry will certainly grow as domestic PV installations and PV field sites multiply across the country.

Inergy Systems Ltd has had enquiries from developing nations for details of security technologies that don’t as yet exist as affordable options for solar PV field sites. We have had similar enquiries in the past 12 months from UK installers and project managers

The above background and growing market demand has inspired the ISP range of products that we aim to manufacture under ‘Inergy Manufacturing’
The first product in the ISP range will be ISPEC Technology – Solar panel protection against theft

Inergy Security Protection Electronic Coding (ISPEC) technology is a new technology designed by Inergy Systems UK Ltd. The first generation module of this technology has been refined for the immediate market. Clients in the UK, Europe, Africa and the Gulf are already seeking details for potential orders.

ISPEC addresses the issue of Solar PV panel security, offering panel protection against theft, which is a significant consideration in developing nations. In more secure parts of the world there will be a growing demand for security of solar PV technology as more installations appear and the price of mineral fuels increases. Later generation ISPEC products will offer data transmission on power performance, array location and have global positioning system (GPS) functionality for tracking and locating.