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Alex Burwood - ABR Racing

Alex Burwood, Co-Founder of ABR Racing and Composites

I’ve always had a keen interest in Engineering, after a brief career in Computer Aided Design (CAD), I decided to return to education and enrolled on a 3 year BSc (Hons) in Motorsport Engineering at Wiltshire College Motorsport, and have recently graduated achieving a 2:1 classification.

After graduating, I decided to start my own company, ABR Racing based in Chippenham, Wiltshire, focusing on competition vehicle preparation, maintenance and production of a variety of motorsport related composite components.

ABR Racing has a wide range of experience in preparation, set up and running of competition vehicles across a variety of classes, including Formula Ford 1600’s, Sports GT, Saloon cars and VLN Endurance Series to name but a few.

ABR Racing has also rebuilt a number of customer track day projects including a Subaru Impreza, Metro 6R4 replica and a custom built Volkswagen Golf MK1.

A recent development for ABR Racing has been the introduction of a bespoke range of motorsport and track day orientated composite components including a range of carbon fibre accessories such as roof scoops, NACA ducts, bonnet scoops and the highlight being an innovative carbon kevlar fire extinguisher bracket.

ABR Racing prides itself on its quality of work and are able to undertake any job however large or small from basic trackday support to full race car preparation, set up and support for events.

ABR Racing are also able to take on custom composite component design and manufacture projects from simple brackets and covers to rear diffusers and body panels.