Dyson award for life-saving incubator

James Roberts, a 23-year old product design student from Loughborough University, has designed a simple, low-cost inflatable incubator to help reduce mortality rates in premature babies across the developing world.

James has received the international James Dyson Award for his invention, beating competition from Japan’s QOLO, which allows wheelchair-bound users to stand up, Suncayr, a Canadian colour-changing marker pen that tells users when to reapply their sunscreen, and smart injury detection suit BRUISE, designed by fellow Brit Dan Garrett.

More than one in 10 babies around the globe are born prematurely, resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths each year. According to the World Health Organisation, 75pc of deaths resulting from premature birth could be avoided if basic incubation technology was available.

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Source ~ The Telegraph 26/01/2015